Academic Staff with Administrative Responsibilities

How staff are involved in Decision making and in general administration

Staff are involved in decision making through monthly departmental meetings in order to run the general administration of the department smoothly and efficiently. The department has also established a number of committees for discharging specific functions in the department. These include: Postgraduate Coordinator, Level Coordinators, Registration Officers, Examination officers, Time Table Officer, computer Laboratory Coordinators, SIWES Coordinator, etc as shown on the organizational structure chart of the department. Other pressing problems are sorted out administratively in consultation with other staff.

Policy and practice on staff development

Staff training and development is taken up both internally and externally through the organization of M.Sc. programmes for graduate Assistants and Ph.D. Programmes for others. The University encourages the staff by paying the relevant P.G. fees and postgraduate studies allowances. In order to improve the capacity of staff to meet modern challenges staff members are sponsored to attend local and international conference/workshops at least once in a year.

The University sponsors staff to selected institutions abroad for short visit under the Mc/Arthur and Carnegie foundations. Staff are also sponsored for special PG programmes through the PTDF and ETF scholarships. Staff also benefit from grants by University Board of Research.

Staff Promotion

Staff promotion exercise is done on a yearly basis. The promotion is done through assessment of the staff in relation to the promotion guidelines of the University in order to encourage staff to be more productive. The promotion exercise is done through the Appointment and Promotion Sub-complex to the Central A & PC.

Student Welfare

Handling of academic grievances
The students’ academic grievances are handled either directly by the Head of Department or through small committees if the situation demands so. Otherwise students’ grievances are handled by the University Senate Committees.

Students Academic Advising
Students’ academic advising is done through Level Coordinators assigned by the Head of Department. In addition students receive special advice from the Examination and Registration Officers of the Department. In some cases students are referred to the guidance and counseling unit of the University.

Academic Atmosphere

Any policy adopted and practiced by the Department in pursuit of academic standard and maintenance of academic atmosphere.
In pursuit of academic standard, students undertake final year projects in any area of Mathematics. Also students have to attend at least seventy-five percent (75%) of lectures & tutorials of a course before they can qualify to sit for the final examination of that course. The department has reviewed its B.Sc. Computer Science Programme in the light of NUC’s Benchmark Minimum Academic Standard (BMAS), on Student Industrial Work Experience (SIWES). Furthermore Students are expected to participate in a six Month Industrial programme so as to acquaint themselves with some of the industrial challenges they are likely going to meet after graduation. After the attachment students are expected to present and defend a report of their experience in the industrial training and are thus graded accordingly. The SIWES is a six credit unit course.