Examination Office

Setting. Conduct, evaluation schemes, moderations schemes- Internal and External for degree examinations and the issuance of results.
The examination aspect of the Department is coordinated by the Head of department through the Departmental Examinations Officer. Students are assessed by two methods. By continuous assessments which constitutes 40% and by Semester Examinations which constitutes 60%. The continuous assessment includes class test, assignments, quizzes and seminars in some cases. Internal moderation is done by the HOD and Senior Academics and overseen by the HOD.

All examinations are set by the lecturers who taught the courses and checking/moderation of each examination is done internally. Papers for higher level courses are moderated externally before the examination is conducted. Students are required to answer three out of four questions and four out of six questions in respect of two and three credit units courses, respectively. Examination is conducted on a Faculty basis while results are compiled and discussed at the Departmental and Faculty Board of Examiners, then by the University Senate where final approval is given. Results are displayed on departmental notice Board for students while individual results are given by the University Academic Office. The department is making plans to post examination results on Web for convenience of the students.